We’d love to go on about all the ways Las Villas del Norte can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

5-Star Experience

I’d like to rate my experience at Las Villas del Norte as a five, and that’s only because I can’t rate higher than that. From the moment I parked my car, I noticed the grounds were well maintained. Everyone was very welcoming! I’d recommend Las Villas del Norte to anyone looking to place a loved one or looking for employment! Keep up the good job!!!
Elsy A.
Surrounded by caring, conscientious people
My dad spent a few months in skilled nursing here, surrounded by caring, conscientious people. Not only did they take an interest in his rehabilitation and progress as a patient but his happiness and well-being as well. We are lucky to have found this “home” for my dad. I would recommend them without reservation.
Michele C.
A place where your loved one gets the right care

My 96-year-old mother and 103-year-old aunt were both residents. The [community] is well-staffed, caring and very professional in the care of their residents. For those who are able to join in on activities, they have a reading club, workout group, bingo and reading available. It is always hard when you have to take a loved one from their home, but when I found Las Villas del Norte I knew we had made the right decision. If you are looking for a place where your loved one gets the right care, I would encourage you to take the time and visit.

Bruce L.
The staff is very helpful

We chose Las Villas del Norte for my mother. The staff is very helpful with all of our needs. It’s clean, and it had everything that we needed. They have a swimming pool, play bingo, and have music. They were great and answered everything that I needed. They have a sit-down restaurant that you can go in and order food. It has a full salad bar and a soup bar, and there are tablecloths and glasses to drink out of and silverware. It’s even better than a restaurant.


Their service extends to the whole family and not just their residents

My mother was 96 years old with dementia. She had started to manifest sundowning behavior and running out of the house at midnight. My sister had developed seizures from not getting enough sleep. It was a sad moment when my sister and I had to decide that mom needed to 1) be safe in a place equipped with wander guard, 2) be cared for by staff who specializes in dementia, 3) be with residents with the same mental affliction, not mixed with assisted living or acute care residents. 3 days after Mom became a resident of Generations, visiting was restricted due to COVID-19. In the following months which felt like forever, the Director of Generations Memory Care, the Meds Staff, the nurses did a great job of maintaining the communication open between my mom and me by calling me (since she had lost the ability to remember how to use the phone) whenever she needed to talk to me or to hear reassurance when she’s scared or confused. All the caregivers, nurses and Med Techs addressed her by her first name or by “mother” or “sister” translated in our native tongue and gave her lots of hugs and loving words of reassurance. Even the Chef and dietary staff went out of their way to ask how she was and engage her in conversation whenever they passed her by sitting on a couch along the corridor outside her room so she would feel connected and visible and acknowledged. They did a great job of monitoring her and informing me about the changes in her behavior or health or whenever she needed to be taken to the doctor or hospital. They sent me pictures of her participating in activities to ease our minds that she is adjusting to the transition. Their compassion and dedication became even more apparent when my mother transitioned to hospice care when she was getting showered with visits, loving wishes and gentle care and provided support for me and my sister as well everyday from the staff until the day she departed. We felt that their service extends to the whole family and not just their residents. Saying goodbye is never easy, but it eases the pain a little more knowing that your loved one spent her final days being treated with dignity and respect. Thank you Las Villas for the wonderful care our mother received.

Sonia P.